When working with a variety of team members and clients on different projects in different places and spaces, it’s extremely helpful to utilize online time saving tools that are available to you in order to succeed.

Marigold is driven by using some of these project management sites listed below. Adopting new technology allows us to master communication, be effective and efficient for not only our business, but for our clients.

The top 5 apps that enable virtual project management

Hootsuite – A consolidated tool for scheduling your social media platforms. Take the manual labour out of scheduling by using tools like Hootsuite for efficient posting. Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are all integrated and allows you to post to your forums in one shot!

It’s a real time-saver.

Slack – Allows you to have real-time messaging for different channels within your business. I.e.: Marketing team can talk marketing with each other without interfering with your Finance team. A great tool to share links, images and have a more focussed conversation.

Masters project based communication

Jing – Need to share something on your screen that may help your team or clients? Jing brings you a basic visual element. This allows you to record your screen while you explain and email a link of up to 5 minutes of conversation! Store your links within sites like Teamwork for future reference.

Great training tool

Teamwork – Get on track! Project management sites that keeps everyone on track and efficient is the key to success! Nail deadlines, update your team members on any changes within a project and run your day to day tasks all the while ensuring priorities are understood and dealt with on time. Did I mention there is time tracking within the site which allows accuracy and control of how much time is spent on each client/project.

Organizes clients, campaigns & colleagues

Skype – There is more to Skype then video chatting with the grandparents and catching up with family. Using Skype to do business calls with your team to make quick connections and hear their voices can be powerful – and quick! Take it up a notch and share your screen! This feature can be extremely helpful if a team member may not understand a task or you want to share new ideas live.

Screen share is Skype’s powerful feature