Building Trust at Tether’s VIP Summer Gathering


Generate increased brand awareness and community engagement for cannabis brands and community partners in a highly saturated industry through Tether’s VIP Summer Gathering.


Tether deployed a range of tactics to drive awareness, community, and RSVPs for the VIP Summer Gathering including content marketing, media and influencer relations, traditional PR, brand activations, and sampling opportunities.


Tether’s VIP Summer Gathering was held on August 22nd and was a hugely successful evening. The event saw 200+ attendees including Budtenders, retailers, trade media, influencers and consumers. The social media campaign that accompanied the event saw a reach of 75,700+. The marketing efforts led to 3,001,500 total impressions.


Cannabis brands find themselves with limited options for marketing and advertising due to a strict regulatory landscape. This forces them to rely heavily on digital mediums and in-person activations. This challenge is increased by a highly saturated market, resulting in numerous brands vying for the attention of the same target audience. Standing out in such a crowded space requires innovative strategies that can capture and maintain interest. Additionally, the cannabis consumer base is extremely diverse, ranging from the canna-curious to the seasoned veteran, leaving brands to allocate resources for product education.

Generating increased brand awareness and community engagement for cannabis brands and community partners is challenging due to the intersection of regulatory restrictions, intense competition, limited marketing channels, and the need to navigate complex educational considerations. Success in this industry requires a strategic, adaptable, and audience-tailored approach that respects the unique challenges it presents.


Tether executed various brand awareness tactics including influencer marketing, media relations, a traditional press release, retail visits, and content marketing including a comprehensive social media and e-blast campaign. All of these tactics were done to drive attendance for the main event, Tether’s VIP Summer Gathering, which would see activations from cannabis brands and community partners with sampling opportunities for Budtenders.

Over the eight-week promotional period, Tether distributed 16,207 emails with an average open rate of 39.1%, directly messaged 350 Instagram contacts with additional outreach done via LinkedIn, and posted 45+ times on Instagram and LinkedIn to its audience of 4.5K+ Budtenders and Retail Managers with an average engagement rate of 13.3%.

The event press release had 119 sources listing the release with categories of outlets that include trade publications, online news sources, and social media, as well as over 4,500 total views.

The Tether team also acted as Brand Ambassadors visiting retailers from Fort Erie to Burlington, Ontario, to share information about the upcoming event and its participating brands. Tether’s network of trade media, notable Budtenders and cannabis influencers were also engaged to cross-promote and build buzz around the event. We had 30+ relevant individuals participate in pre-event promotion.

Tether’s efforts led to a highly anticipated event and a sold-out function. The VIP Summer Gathering saw 200+ attendees including Budtenders, retailers, brand reps, ancillary services, media, influencers, and consumers, from the GTA and beyond. The event had 18 brand and community partners including Wyld, KushKraft, Bud Lafleur, EXKA, Primeau, Other People’s Pot, Weed Me, Ontario Micro Growers, Mariwell, Volo, Manna, Maricann, OGEN, Loosh, Elevate Cannabis Industry Expo, O2O, Parents Against Driving High & Cannabis MarketSpace.

The event secured media coverage in some of Canada’s most reputable cannabis trades including ADCANN, Benzinga, Grow Opportunity, and Cannabis Prospect Magazine, as well as traditional media like the Toronto Sun. Media were also in attendance the night of the VIP Summer Gathering with brands having the opportunity to chat with Cannabis Prospect Magazine, Noobie and the Doobie, Touch of Love Cannabis, and The Ganjha Show

Fabian Sprik, National Sales Manager at Maricann, identifies the value of these hands-on events, “[I’m] thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and talk with the frontline staff and industry professionals who get to engage with consumers every day.” Maricann has been a valued partner at two Tether events in the summer of 2023, with Fabian adding, “[I’m] happy to be a part of a rapidly growing group of professionals and consumers who care about great quality flower, honest numbers, and full transparency.”

“Tether is doing a great job with these events,” says Craig Penstone, Co-Founder of Ontario Micro Growers. “Lots of premium samples for Budtenders, distributed professionally and compliantly for educational purposes, guarded by an age gate. Ontario Micro Growers appreciate your support of the micro-community!”

Post-event, Tether saw over 100 user-generated social media posts with a total reach of 75,700+. Overall, through traditional PR efforts and digital marketing, Tether achieved an estimated reach of over 3,001,500 impressions.