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Radicle Femmes: More Than Just an Event

Since cannabis legalization over five years ago, the industry remains dominated by men and hindered by the same glass ceiling we see in conventional industries.  The inaugural Radicle Femmes, coinciding with International Women’s Day 2024, marked a significant step...

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List, Find & Connect with Cannabis MarketSpace

Embark on a journey of discovery and growth through Cannabis MarketSpace. Navigating the industry’s landscape can be a daunting task for professionals seeking reliable resources and services. This groundbreaking platform grants you free access to a wealth of business...

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How to Measure the Success of a PR Campaign

How to Measure the Success of a PR Campaign  To make the most of your PR efforts, it's essential to measure your success. Public relations is a critical component of any business or organization's marketing strategy. It helps build a strong reputation, increase brand...

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Celebrate Budtenders during B-Week March 21-25

Celebrate Budtenders during B-Week March 21-25 In an ever-blossoming industry where new information develops almost daily, we celebrate innovation on a corporate level, we celebrate position changes, we celebrate technological advancement, but we often leave the faces...

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How To Keep Great Budtenders

Budtenders establish brand loyalty and act as the face of cannabis retail. Tether, Canada’s budtender community, surveyed over 300 budtenders from across Canada, here’s what they had to say. 

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Retailers We’re Loving: Fall 2021

With more cannabis retailers in Canada than ever before it’s not easy to stand out! With innovative designs, expert staff and unique offerings here are a few retailers worth keeping an eye on.

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