It’s an important time to be extra sensitive with your marketing and media efforts. 

Are you responsible for the PR, communications or marketing for your organization during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are 3 ways that you can continue to build brand momentum while engaging authentically. 

Social Good Initiatives

Social good demonstrates goodwill and builds trust with your audience. It shows you understand what your clients and customers care about, and beyond that, the world needs a positive impact. Make an impact in your community, and win in the hearts and minds of consumers. 

Examples include a company-wide food drive for your local charity, fitness challenges that raise funds, corporate donations, and grant and giveback programs that support your community and employees. With many companies currently transitioning to remote work, these types of initiatives are also a great way to boost morale and bring the team together.

Giveaway Your Expertise

Consider shifting your dollars from events and in-person commitments to virtual opportunities that add value. Allow prospective clients and customers a chance to get to know your expertise by acting as their trusted advisor. 

Are you a fitness-focused company? Host online classes.
A large corporation? Host a Q&A with leadership.
A cannabis brand or clinic? Create an educational webinar or lunch and learn.
A nutritionist? Give away 20-minute consultations. 

Sharing your expertise allows your audience to get to know you better and also gives them an interesting way to fill their time while social distancing; this will generate goodwill towards your brand.

Remain Consumer/Client-Centric 

Of course, your business plans will change and evolve throughout a crisis, but what does not change in business is demonstrating that you are customer-centric and customers are your priority. Ask yourself, what do your clients need from you right now? Leverage the full paid, owned and earned media mix appropriately and always consider your consumer mindset. 

Some marketing and media plans are scheduled out far in advance. If there is time, consider making changes to your messaging so that it best aligns with today’s situation. The last thing you want for your brand is to come across as insensitive during a critical time for our world and negatively affect your reputation. 

If you need support to reframe your marketing and PR plan, please reach out to the Marigold team. We would be happy to jump on a free introductory call to discuss your goals and objectives.

We’re all in this together.