It’s imperative to adjust the way businesses conduct public relations output during a crisis. 

Are you responsible for the public relations of your business during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are 3 considerations. 

Timing is everything

Daily breaking news and updates determine the mindset of the public. Now is not the time to “set it and forget it.” Have a plan in place around how and when you want to communicate with your key stakeholders including media, employees, social media and online communities. Monitor COVID-19 updates closely and consistently. If there are updates that affect your business, it’s important to respond quickly and proactively with developed key messages to restore confidence and reassurance in your customers, employees and other stakeholders who will be looking to understand what your business is doing during the crisis and how it may affect them.

Leverage Authentic Brand Building 

Is your business rooted in comedy and creating content that makes people laugh? Do you create music covers? Are you an expert in your field? Connect and engage with your online audiences by sharing relative, relatable and entertaining content. With social distancing in effect, a lot of the world is scrolling through social media. Produce an informative webinar, or host a live story and have a real-time question and answer period. Private message your key community members to check-in, or challenge your followers to a TikTok dance challenge to fight against COVID-19 just like Dettol did in their viral TikTok #HandWashChallenge to spread awareness on how to wash hands properly. The options are endless. 

How ever you decide to connect with your audience, remember to be mindful of what they might be experiencing during these perilous times. Your content reflects your business values and its important to demonstrate genuineness, mindfulness and good intent. Here are 3 authentic ways brands can engage during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Time to Go Live

If there’s ever a time to leverage going live, the time is now. Right now, people around the world are practicing social distancing and staying at home which can be isolating. Going live on social media is a great way to ensure your audiences still feel connected and engaged, and helps build authentic relationships with your online community. Do you have an upcoming event? Consider developing a virtual event strategy and hosting the event online. This way your event is inclusive, accessible and brings together a larger audience on a global scale while still maintaining social distancing measures. 

With the rise of live options from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, going live maximizes your potential audience reach and provides your stakeholders with reassurance in a time when it’s needed most. Take Chipotle for example, who invited their followers to chat with them on Zoom during a live question and answer period. If you’re considering going live, be sure to read our blog on critical dos and don’ts for success on your live campaign. 

If you need support to reframe your marketing and PR plan, please reach out to the Marigold team. We would be happy to jump on a free introductory call to discuss your goals and objectives. 

We’re all in this together.