The time to prepare for the holidays is now. Cannabis, like most other categories, sees a significant spending boost during the holiday season. Between gifts, holiday party indulgences and recommendations over the family dinner table consumers and their wallets are more open to trying a variety of products and there is a key opportunity to develop brand loyalty.

In December 2020 Canadians spent nearly $300 Million on cannabis and as per Headset, US consumer behaviour shows us that every cannabis segment enjoys an over 30% increase in sales over the holidays. 

cannabis holiday shopping bags

Here are 5 considerations for you to keep in mind when planning for the holiday season to drive holiday exposure and sales.

Start Early
Editorial and advertorial calendars are already starting to fill up for the holiday season including gift guides, which are an extremely lucrative opportunity to get your brand in front of new and seasoned consumers. Connecting with journalists and media now will give you ample time to begin developing a relationship as well as beating the last minute rush of pitches, not to mention getting ahead of shipping delays.

Have a plan
Like most things, the key to success is having a solid plan. Working with an agency like Marigold to develop and execute your holiday strategy will ensure you’re making the most of the season’s potential. Marigold will work with your brand to develop and execute a strategy including owned, earned and paid media.

Product Availability
Data from Colorado and Oregon, courtesy of BDS Analytics, shows that over the holidays consumers are typically purchasing more of what they’re already buying. Ensure you’re fully stocked with your top sellers, consumers want to share their favourite products with family and friends.

Holiday offers and activations
It’s no surprise that during the holiday season consumers are looking for deals and experiences. While The Cannabis Act does make many traditional sales incentives challenging there’s still plenty of opportunity to give your customers extraordinary value both through purchases and experiences in store and online. COVID-19 has created an additional layer of complexity but experiences like an infusing cooking workshop or festive paint night could be executed socially distanced or as a virtual event.

Over the holiday season as families and friends gather cannabis is sure to come up around the table and many canna-curious people will be exploring online and in store for cannabis information. Take this opportunity to create and share educational content for potential new consumers. Additionally, over the holidays health and wellness conversations are also taking place; especially between adult children and their parents, this is a great opportunity for medical brands to create content around cannabis and age-related ailments as well as resources for talking about cannabis with seniors. 

Work with Marigold PR to drive exposure and sales this holiday season. Book a complimentary introductory call today.