Budtenders deserve a thank you. Thank you for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for consumers at any stage of their cannabis journey. Thank you for providing education and creating relationships with each other, and customers. Thank you for being the face of cannabis retail. For all that they do, they deserve to be celebrated. Tether wants to do something to show budtenders just how much they mean to the cannabis industry.

Get ready for Budtender Appreciation Week, coming March 2022. A 5-day event full of experiences, rewards, and an opportunity for budtenders to network from across the nation. The goal? Give Canadian budtenders and retailers the recognition they deserve, while offering a great time along the way. Tether wants to show budtenders that we see the passion they have for cannabis and the work they do to help consumers – They deserve a round of applause. 

The dedication and hard work of budtenders across Canada rewards the industry and the consumers while allowing budtenders to ignite relationships and gain valuable knowledge about the retail cannabis space. Through their passion, they are able to propel the industry forward. Budtenders help to lead the charge, and it’s our turn to reward them. 

Tether, presented by Marigold PR, is a newly launched community that activates budtenders, cannabis retailers, and brands. Budtenders have told us they are looking for meaningful brands to recommend to their customers, through Tether, we bring them together to spark meaningful relationships and create engaging opportunities that go beyond education.

Want to be part of Budtender Appreciation Week? We are looking for brand partners who want to connect more closely to budtenders and cannabis retailers.  For more information, book an introductory call or reach out to Danielle@marigoldpr.com. We would be happy to discuss your goals and how we can support through brand partnership. 

We’re lighting one up for you, budtenders and can’t wait to celebrate.