Looking back at 2020, cannabis brands across Canada have made a huge shift in their innovation and creativity around marketing and connecting with their consumers. New trends have forced brands to think outside-the-box, or in some cases “inside-the-box”.  

pure sunfarms chocolates cannabis campaigns we lovePure Sunfarms – Happy Holidays
Pure Sunfarms puts a spin on traditional Christmas chocolate by sending out terpene inspired chocolate to industry influencers. In collaboration with Beaucoup Bakery in BC, each chocolate recipe was crafted to highlight the aroma and flavour profile of the cannabis produced by Pure Sunfarms. The box included a Holiday card with details explaining the chocolates relation to the cannabis types. For example, Pink Kush has sweet and spicy aromas, so they created a caramel cinnamon ganache chocolate ball to give the consumer an idea of the terpene profile. In addition to the gorgeous watercolour box and card art, this campaign gives influencers an engaging experience that leaves them curious, informed and wanting more.

Mood Ring – Virtual Launch Event
Mood Ring by Neptune Wellness Solutions made their BC debut in December 2020, and in Ontario in February of this year. This campaign created an interactive and educational experience for media, influencers and retailers attending the launch. Mood Ring sent invitations with mood rings and custom mood charts to key media and invitees, creating a fun and interactive brand experience to pair with the virtual event. Neptune CEO Michael Cammarata joined the BC and Ontario launch events to discuss the brand and answer media and retailer questions about the new products and Neptune’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Despite the pandemic, the Mood Ring virtual launch events we’re fun, informational and a great way to kick-off the new brand.

Louder Together – Virtual Concert
Bringing together the art and cannabis communities to stand up to social inequality and injustice issues. The Louder Together Cannabis Advocacy Society celebrates BIPOC voices across Canada with a virtual fundraising event with proceeds going to organizations that foster social change. The virtual concert Featured artists such Naomi Grace, Sargeant & Comrade, Tonye Aganaba, and many more. We love this campaign because it amplifies BIPOC voices in the cannabis industry and creates community during a time of isolation.

flower art and science cannabis campaigns we loveFLOWR – Art & Science
ADCANN award winner for best campaign, FLOWR’s Art & Science is elegantly designed campaign to educate and show the artistry in crafting and growing their cannabis. Simple yet complex, the display of fruits, flowers, and pine create a distinct visual message that gets representation of the aroma and flavour of the cannabis. This campaign helps challenge the stigma around cannabis by highlighting the care and precision it takes to produce quality products. 

Up Cannabis – #weresorrybud
Up Cannabis had a rough start when originally entering the market. Dealing with several negative reviews, they listened to the feedback, adjusted the product and reentered the scene in an honest and humorous way with the #weresorrybud campaign, developed by Sister Merci. Taking their favourite negative reviews and turning them into memes with the hashtag #weresorrybud. Up Cannabis took the time to change their product and owned up to their mistakes. This creates a real human connection with the consumer, because they feel their voice was heard and encourages consumers to try the product knowing it has improved.

As we embrace the new year and new normal, marketing and PR in the cannabis industry has become more than ordinary. In this competitive market, we found that these campaigns took a significant amount of creativity, risk, and research. 

We can look to these campaigns for inspiration for innovative new ways to tackle challenges in the industry, promote new products, engage consumers, and educate them. 

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