As part of Marigold’s ongoing partnership with local charity Safetynet Services, we developed brand, social media & community strategies to help drive fundraising throughout 2016. Grassroots Safetynet provides free services for families in need and at risk youth including tutoring, clothing bank and music lessons. A cause close to Marigold’s heart.

Marigold achieved success for the Safetynet, surpassing 2016 fundraising goals and growing the charity’s local profile significantly. Safetynet has seen new relationships, donations and volunteers as a result.

“We have seen a significant increase in donations that have come from Katie and Bridget’s work on our brand positioning and ongoing social media marketing. We are grateful for their support ” Bill Shields, Executive Director Safeynet Services.


Leverage social media & content marketing, driving local engagement and reach

Community engagement, content creation, media relations, advertising, contesting and influencer strategies

The fundraising campaign surpassed goals by 40%. Reached over 75,000 local people.