The current outlook around traditional advertising for cannabis is unclear and challenging. This presents opportunities for innovative brand building tactics that rely on more authentic engagement, consumer connection and reputation building.

As those in the industry well know, The Cannabis Act enacts strict regulations on personal production, promotion, and packaging. This creates difficulties for marketers and advertisers trying to promote products and drive ROI for their client.Integrated marketing for cannabis is a blend of public relations, direct to consumer marketing, and social media, into a seamless brand experience for consumers. With the influx in new cannabis companies coming to market – it is paramount that cannabis companies to develop strong branding strategic communications to stand out.

The Cannabis Act prohibits companies from communicating information about its price or distribution. This is one of many restrictions that make it difficult to promote through things like traditional advertising, creative packaging and point-of-sale signage. How does a savvy marketer maneuver around these restrictions to develop a campaign for a cannabis company?

Leverage storytelling through integrated (and compliant!) campaigns

Marketing tactics (outside of traditional advertising) that will build your cannabis brand:

  • PR Initiatives – Issuing press releases for note-worthy milestones and to enhance SEO. Learn more about PR for Cannabis brands here
  • Newsletters – Keep your consumers up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Direct to consumer communications provide additional opportunities for cannabis brands
  • Content Marketing – This includes things like video and blogs. Become an active contributor in the industry, build out your site and drive interest in your products
  • Advertorial – Also called native advertising or sponsored content, is an article that you write (or pay someone to write for you) and publish on a website or in a publication such as a magazine or newspaper. (We will see exactly where this lands come legalization)
  • Social Media – Engage with our audience in real time, and be consistent. This is a big opportunity to demonstrate customer service.
  • Compliant Media Buying- Emerging niche media presents compliant avenues to speak to your core consumer.

Our team at Marigold PR has an ongoing commitment to growing cannabis brands by leveraging compliant integrated marketing, communications and strategic planning. Contact us today to discuss your growing business.