10 Content Marketing Strategies for Cannabis Retailers and Brands 

Cannabis in Canada faces hurdles when it comes to cannabis marketing in it’s emerging and fast-developing global climate. Regulations combined with target audience education levels (consumer, patient, clients) and remaining stigma can be challenging. 

It’s 2020, and brand awareness is very low- actually, we’ve been told that 70% of consumers entering cannabis retail did not know what they were looking to buy going in (wow!). There is a lot of whitespace up for grabs for the cannabis companies that commit to engaging, informing, as well as conveying their specific look and feel, which will win the hearts and minds of consumers (all of this, of course, assuming you have consistently favourable products).

Content comes in many forms; at Marigold, we help cannabis brands develop and implement robust strategies that achieve results. We’ve built a list of 10 ideas to help inspire.

10 Content Strategies for Cannabis Brands:

  1. Website Content copy that is clear, concise, and informative, visuals that engage and video that explains are key. Encourage audiences to signup for newsletters for deeper compliant one-to-one communication opportunities
  2. Blogs that bring interesting and relevant topics about cannabis to the surface, promote thought leadership and expertise, engage and entertain
  3. Social Media Engagement across platforms that allows brands to engage multiple audiences in multiple ways. Consider the regulations closely. 
  4. White Papers that provide academic, fact-based information about an in-depth topic; an excellent opportunity for lead acquisition 
  5. eBooks that act as a resource for significant topics within the cannabis industry that can be purchased or downloaded
  6. Special Reports that hone in on a specific topic that are timely and in-depth, research studies and knowledge sharing could offer a great value to your target market
  7. Employee Experiences demonstrate your impact and tell your company story across your owned digital touchpoints 
  8. Community Building engage your audience where it matters to them most, across social media, through email marketing,  within like-minded groups
  9. Brand Storytelling of experiences, engagements, and events that have had important outcomes that others could benefit from;
  10. Learning Resources that help build the ecosystem of reliable, well-researched knowledge, data and information about cannabis and the industry

For cannabis brands, great content, combined with PR strategies, are essential for storytelling and customer engagement.  Launching cannabis retail, CBD brand, cannabis topical or a cannabis accessory? Marigold works with B2B and B2C cannabis companies looking to build their profile and achieve results.