Creating memorable cannabis marketing in Canada is complex. We at Marigold can appreciate killer content when we see it and we want to give a shout-out to some of the incredible work being done in the industry. Here are some of our current favourites. Enjoy!

Pure sunfarms wreath

Pure Sunfarms Holiday Wreaths
Leading into the holidays Pure Sunfarms wanted to educate the media using a symbol of the season, wreaths. They developed custom holiday wreaths inspired by terpene profiles found in Pure Sunfarms strains. Recipients were asked to choose their favourite holiday scent from the options of spice, fresh, or floral; the wreaths were then created by a local Vancouver florist to incorporate terpene elements such as mint, lavender, citrus and cinnamon. They were sent to recipients with a holiday card and information tag on which Pure Sunfarms strains these terpenes can be found in. This campaign made a big social media impact while remaining compliant by being creative, generous, and relevant.

engraved pax era from namaste

Custom PAX Era engravings with Namaste  
Cannabis 2.0 brought Canadians recreational concentrates and along with them the PAX Era. Zenabis is one of only 5 Canadian LPs with supply agreements with PAX for their Era vaporizers, and one of only three brands currently in market. For a limited time to celebrate the collaboration between PAX and Namaste, one of Zenabis’ recreational brands, Namaste reps are hosting pop-ups in retail stores, offering an engraving service to customers for their Pax Era. This is a fun and personalized value add and a great opportunity for Namaste to educate consumers on the innovative, eco-conscious PAX Era and the strains they have available for it, including Citrique, D.Bubba and Ultra Sour.

canibrands cani give back with athletes for care

Canibrands Cani-Give Back
CaniBrands, the trusted brand for premium sport, fitness and wellness CBD products across the U.S., announced Cani-Give Back, a charitable campaign to raise funds for the company’s Charity of Choice, Athletes for CARE (A4C). Together, CaniBrands and A4C created the Athletes Bundle, a collection of CBD-infused products formulated for energy, sleep and recovery as part of CaniBrands and A4Cs’ shared vision to demystify the use of cannabinoids to support sports injury recovery and lead the charge to make use of CBD within the sport, fitness and wellness community. Proceeds from the campaign went into supporting A4Cs research and advocacy efforts to create awareness and educate about cannabis and CBD as a health, performance and wellness enabler. 

superette ottawa foodbank giveback program

Superette Ottawa Foodbank Giveback Program
Excessive packaging and wastefulness is a major pain point for cannabis consumers and those in the industry. Superette heard these concerns and developed a program not only to address waste, but to give back to their local community as well. For every piece of cannabis packaging that’s returned to the Ottawa Superette location for recycling they’re donating an item to the Ottawa Food Bank. They’ve also called out to other retailers to set up similar programs so that a friendly competition could begin. This initiative has all the making of a great CSR campaign; it helps a relevant cause, fills a need for consumers, and is scalable. 

van der pop give yourself flowers

Van der Pop Give Yourself Flowers
Van der Pop’s experiential ‘Give Yourself Flowers’ event series aims to educate consumers about cannabis and terpenes through hands on ‘potpourri’ workshops held at various cannabis retail locations. At these events attendees learn cannabis 101 and explore the store with a Van der Pop expert. After learning how to shop for cannabis, a workshop host will guide a terpene-inspired dried floral potpourri making workshop.

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