With legalization less than a year old there are a lot of products not yet available across Canada. We compiled some brands that we’d love to see Canada-wide. Of course because of rules and regulations we can’t know for sure if some of these products will come to Canada, but we hope so!

Whoopi and Maya
When comedian and cannabis enthusiast Whoopi Goldberg wanted to get into the cannabis space she sought out Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles and seven time High Times Cannabis Cup winner. The two women set out on a mission to use the best medicine and ingredients to create a Signature Line of medical cannabis products designed specifically for relief from menstrual discomfort. Their line includes bath salts, body balm, Raw Cacao and Tincture. Cannabis companies that put women’s needs first are not yet the norm so we’re excited to see this one!

whoopi and maya cannabis

Currently their products are available in California and Colorado, while they haven’t announced plans to move into Canada we sure would love to see their products in the great white north when topicals and edibles become legal in October 2019.

Foria is a company revolutionizing the female experience with cannabis. Foria lubricant is currently available through the OCS in Ontario but they have a range of products that have developed a big following in the states they’re available in. Foria is sex-positive and has products for medical relief and pleasure. Canada is in desperate need for products that help women with no shame attached and Foria definitely fits the bill.

foria wellness cannabis

Currently cannabis extracts are not legal in Canada, but they’re one of the biggest markets in the legal US. While all extracts are interesting, we’re particularly excited to see disposable and rechargeable vape pens and oil cartridges come into the legal Canadian cannabis market. CaniBrands carries a range of products, and has divided them based on experience, making it easy for consumers to find what they’re looking for. Options include Can-i-Boost, Can-i-Fresh, Can-i-Mend and Can-i-Sleep, delivering a full suite of experiences and product choices to support consumers in their day-to-day wellness goals. Canibrands is known for its clean, high-quality and effective variety of carefully crafted formulations. Canadians are searching for high quality extracts, CaniBrands products can’t come to Canada soon enough!

canibrands cannabis

Houseplant is a new addition to Canopy’s ever growing list of celebrity partnership companies, founded by lifelong friends and creative partners Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Houseplant is technically already in Canada, their Sativa strain is available in BC, but their Indica and Hybrid aren’t for sale as of yet. Houseplant arrived on the scene with amazing old school branding and fun vintage-inspired educational videos, it’s safe to say the rest of Canada is eagerly waiting to test the product created by the minds that brought us Pineapple Express, Superbad and many other favourite ‘stoner comedies’. Bonus, Houseplant is also a huge supporter for Cannabis Amnesty, an organization that works for criminal record expungements for non-violent cannabis offences.

seth rogan houseplant cannabis

Mondo is a cannabis powder specifically designed to relieve anxiety without reducing mental dexterity. Mondo powder is low calorie, all natural, dissolves instantly, and can be precisely measured by milligram. Mondo currently produces CBD and THC powders that can be consumed on their own, mixed into drinks or sprinkled on top of food.

mondo meds powder

Mondo carefully selects specific strains from contracted farmers to ensure the highest quality of organically farmed Cannabis, and uses a proprietary water extraction method.  While time consuming, the slower extraction of the plant THC, CBD, and terpenes preserves these delicate chemicals in their natural state. These terpenes influence the subtle characteristics of the anxiety relief and mood elevation. This type of cannabis innovation is what we’re so excited to see grow and evolve as legalization progresses in Canada!

What product lines are you excited to see come to Canada? Let us know in the comments.