How to Measure the Success of a PR Campaign 

To make the most of your PR efforts, it’s essential to measure your success.

Public relations is a critical component of any business or organization’s marketing strategy. It helps build a strong reputation, increase brand awareness, and drive more traffic and sales. 

When clients come to Marigold, we are often asked how campaigns are measured. Marigold invests heavily in tools for our clients like Meltwater, Sprout Social and Hubspot that help us dig deep into every campaign. While there are many different ways to track and monitor success depending on your objectives, below are a few ways we move the needle for our clients. 

Media Impressions

Media impressions refer to the number of times a piece of content has been viewed or heard. To measure media impressions, consider the reach of each article, post, or broadcast that mentions your brand. This metric will help you determine the total exposure your PR campaign has received.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool for PR, and it’s essential to measure engagement levels to assess the impact of your campaigns. Track likes, shares, comments, and mentions on your social media platforms to gauge the reach and impact of your content.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is another key metric to measure the success of your PR campaigns. Look at the number of unique visitors to your site, as well as the sources of traffic, to see which PR campaigns are driving the most traffic to your website.

Sales and Leads

Ultimately, the ultimate goal of PR is to drive sales and leads, so it’s essential to measure this metric to assess the impact of your campaigns. Consider the number of leads generated, conversion rates, and overall sales revenue to determine the ROI of your PR efforts.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with your brand, and it’s essential to measure this metric to assess the impact of your PR campaigns. Consider conducting surveys to gauge consumers’ familiarity with your brand and how it’s perceived.

In conclusion, measuring the success of your PR is crucial to ensure that your efforts are having the desired impact. Marigold tracks these key metrics to assess the impact of our clients’ PR campaigns. We leverage these insights to make data-driven decisions to continually  improve our clients’ PR strategies and execution.