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Each March, Food Banks Canada surveys thousands of food banks across Canada to provide a snapshot of current food bank use. Hungercount is Food Banks Canada’s annual assessment of hunger in Canada. This annual report is a necessary tool in determining food insecurity throughout the country. Having this knowledge not only helps Food Banks Canada know where attention and resources are most needed, it also gives Canadians an idea of how many people in their communities are going hungry. This information is vital to Canadians understanding the great need for Food Banks across Canada. Many Canadians who don’t rely on foodbanks only think about giving during the holidays when food drives are taking place however HungerCount showcases that there is a need for donations year round. 

Marigold PR assisted FoodBanks Canada in engaging communities by garnering as much french and english media coverage as possible for HungerCount 2018 to demonstrate to Canadians the great demand for foodbanks in their area and drive donations to local foodbanks.

food banks canada hunger count 2018 abc coverage

Better Reflecting Canadians Needs
HungerCount 2018 was an exciting project as Food Banks Canada revised their methodology, thus providing Canadians the most accurate results possible. However this methodology change also posed a challenge because the last set of numbers to look at was from two years ago, so a comparison in year to year foodbank use was not as straightforward. 

food banks canada hunger count 2018 cbc coverage

Providing Canadians Necessary Information
Through Marigold PR’s public relations strategy a CBC exclusive of Hungercount 2018 was secured, Result in over 140 pieces of coverage, 250M potential impressions, and 9.7K social shares. Marigold PR doubled the coverage of the 2016 campaign and surpassed the potential impressions.

Food Banks Canada states; “Bridget Hoffer’s years of PR experience helped us leverage connections for some high quality coverage for our HungerCount 2018 report.”

food banks canada hungercount