Next-generation Hemp and CBD products company, CaniBrands is creating a buzz in the wellness space by developing a full spectrum of experiences and outcomes for the customer of today and tomorrow. We take a look at this cannabis brand story that is globally recognized as a Customer Experience thought leader known for scaling public and private companies, Canibrands CEO and Marigold client Chris Lord is leading the charge by establishing high-performing teams and powerful partner-based relationships with companies with shared values. We picked his brain about what goes into creating a stand-out cannabis wellness brand, his knack for innovation, and the high-profile Athlete Ambassador Program at Canibrands.

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Tell us about your journey to the cannabis industry.
I’ve been watching the industry evolve over 15 years; my family members were active in the industry and were early pioneers incubating some of the largest cannabis companies globally. I began doing Board strategy work exploring North American markets, personally providing advice and guidance while developing the vision for CaniBrands. Afterwards, I moved into a full time capacity 18 months ago to develop a strategy and launch a corporation to capitalize on the emerging consumer demands in cannabis and CBD. My goal has always been to develop an amazing long-term strategy to help solve problems in the industry, create a sustainable corporate vision and value for shareholders.

When developing CaniBrands products what is most important to you?
Quality and innovation. We work with the best, most experienced partners in vitamin science, product formulation, testing and quality control to introduce products that provide a truly unique, reliable and all around positive experience for our consumers.

How does CaniBrands differ from other CBD product lines?
CaniBrands products are some of the highest quality and most innovative CBD products on the market. Our 0% THC vitamin-packed formulations work quickly and effectively – that’s what keeps our consumers coming back. With a selection of products that support energy, mental clarity, recovery, pain and sleep, consumers have access to the full potential that CBD has to offer.

We manufacture true nutraceuticals. We combine hemp CBD with a powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients and herbal extracts to create four unique experiences: Can-i-Boost, Can-i-Mend, Can-i-Fresh, Can-i-Sleep.

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Tell us about the Canibrands Athlete Ambassador Program
CBD is a new wellness product category in the US and consumers are only just starting to learn more about it. CaniBrands products are trusted by athletes and backed by science. 

Our Athlete Ambassadors advise our company on new product development and quality standards consistent with the highest levels of pro sports. Additionally, they spread the word about our products and help educate consumers. NHL trainer, Andy O’Brien has recently joined us as a Sport Science Advisor for a program which will contribute to the development of hemp-based CBD products that can support the physical and mental health of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

Dara Torres is another great addition to the CaniBrands family. She is 12-time Olympic medalist and Hall of Famer, New York Times best-selling author, international speaker and media personality. In her role as Chief Lifestyle & Wellness Officer (CLWO), Partner and Global Spokesperson, she is instrumental in educating and informing consumers about the benefits of CBD and the life changing products from CaniBrands through our next-generation CBD wellness solutions.

What are the challenges and opportunities Canibrands faces as a Canadian company operating in the US?
One of our main challenges is the fact that business services have not caught up with the industry and unnecessary roadblocks are in place; seemingly simple things like banking can be a challenge.

What are you looking forward to as legalization progresses in Canada?
We’re looking forward to bringing the brand to Canada and developing a line of sports drinks with our Canadian partners, which is an exciting product category that has been in our roadmap since the beginning and is now a possibility with Legalization 2.0.

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What do you like best about working at Canibrands?
I love the fast-paced, dynamic nature of this industry; it creates tremendous opportunities to learn and contribute with a vibrant team of people. We have the ability to have an impact and see the fruits of our labour materialize into feedback from our customers who love the product. Our consumer feedback validates the demand for quality and innovation in this market – and that’s very rewarding!

What do you like best about working in the cannabis industry?
I like the fluid nature of operating in the emerging environment of the cannabis industry across North America. Being in the cannabis industry offers the opportunity to quickly try something, make it better, and have a material impact in a brand new industry.

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