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Marigold Live provides actionable insights for marketers during uncertain times. Our team has developed programming to help those responsible for marketing and communications build traction during today’s climate. Catch up with recordings below.

WATCH: Cannabis Retail & Consumer Insights

Guest experts from OCS, Brazeau Seller Law and Decibel Cannabis Company joined us to discuss cannabis retail and consumer insights during challenging times.


Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabis flower makes up the biggest percentage of sales but edibles are the fastest growing category.
  • Online ordering is prevalent in the illicit market, provinces opening up online ordering and delivery options is making it more appealing for consumers to make the switch to legal channels.
  • THC percentage is a major consideration for consumers, along with price and format, more education around terpene profiles is needed.
  • Cultivating relationships and educating budtenders is an important aspect of your marketing efforts. Retailers and budtenders need to know your brand story & what makes your brand unique.

WATCH: Cannabis Patient Insights

Guest experts from Hybrid Pharm, Apollo Cannabis Clinic and SheCann joined us to discuss cannabis patient insights during challenging times.


Key Takeaways:

  • Most Cannabis Patients today are educated and interested in natural medicines. On average patients are 55-85 years old and on 2 or more medications which they’re looking to reduce. Pain, insomnia and mental health are the most common aliments.

  • The biggest medical cannabis advocates are well educated patients; on average Shecann members refer 2.5 people to medical cannabis, often their parents and children.

  • Patients expect to be the top priority for Licensed Producers, they’re looking for accountability and compassion.

  • Medical Patients need medications products such as topicals, suppositories, patches. Licensed Producers need to be developing and selling these products if they want to be in the medical space.

  • Patients don’t feel like their concerns are being heard by Licensed Producers because they aren’t being talked to. Licensed Producers need to create an elevated patient experience by offering compassionate pricing and developing a robust communications plan.

WATCH: Social Good and CSR for Cannabis Brands

Guest experts from CaniBrands and Superette joined us to discuss social good and CSR opportunities during challenging times.


Key Takeaways:

  • Align your brand with causes your customers care about
  • Now is a key time to focus on giving back to your community
  • Ensure your customers know about the social good and CSR initiatives you have in place
  • Now is the time to develop a CSR plan, to learn more connect with Marigold PR
  • Take a look at our blog for more CSR tips and insight

WATCH: B2B Marketing Opportunities for Cannabis Brands

Guest experts from Grow Opportunity and Detonate Cannabis Agency joined us to discuss owned, paid and earned media opportunities during challenging times.


Key Takeaways:

  • It is more expensive to stop marketing during a pandemic or recession and restart after than to continue driving momentum through brand storytelling
  • Now is a key time to focus on brand building vs. lead generating tactics
  • Publicity and public relations for cannabis, hemp and CBD companies is an opportunity because as an essential service, journalists and reports are still covering the topic and looking for relevant stories.
  • Consider the full spectrum of owned, earned and paid avenues to engage your B2B audience, while networking and in-person events are on pause


COVID-19 Pandemic Communication Series

We’ve compiled our top tips for marketing, PR, and Communication during this uncertain time. It’s an important time to be sensitive and nimble with your cannabis PR, marketing and communications.

The Marigold PR team would love to connect to support your business during these challenging times. Please reach out to schedule a chat with our leadership team.