Marigold Marketing & PR is excited to be traveling to Las Vegas for MJBizCon Week this December. We’re looking forward to connecting with the international cannabis community at the world’s largest cannabis industry event. 

According to MJBizCon; “The series of events including and surrounding the world’s largest cannabis industry B2B event, MJBizCon, has been proclaimed MJBizCon Week by the Board of Clark County Commissioners and the City of Las Vegas, honoring MJBizCon’s increase in global recognition, rapid-expanding attendance and significant impact beyond the convention center walls.
MJBizCon Week is more than MJBizCon – it’s where the entire cannabis industry comes together to learn, network, explore, reward and get business done. We’ve pulled together an outstanding program of associated events and add-ons to ensure that everyone has the chance to meet their communities and make the connections that will advance their businesses during the first official MJBizCon Week.”

With thought-provoking speakers and panels, 1000+ exhibitors and over 35,000 attendees we’re looking forward to learning new things, representing our clients and making new connections at MJBizCon this year.

If you’d like to book a meeting with us during MJBizCon to discuss your business goals please email