Marigold PR partners High Values founder Erin Gratton to promote HR best practices

Led by founders Bridget Hoffer and Katie Pringle, Marigold has made a significant impact in the Canadian cannabis communications space, providing clients with the best in branding, social media, publicity and integrated marketing services. Heading a core team of seven, plus a talented roster of 20+ contract team members, Bridget and Katie often speak about the importance of creating an inspiring culture and a supportive environment at their workplace.

Enter Erin Gratton, accomplished Human Resources leader and educator, national accredited as a certified HR leader and an expert in the cannabis space. Gratton and her company, High Values has been brought on by Erin Gratton of High Values HRMarigold to provide neutral HR support for its team members and leaders needing assistance with complex HR issues that might arise, and policies, including reporting incidents of harassment and discrimination, including at offsite events.

High Values specializes in cannabis workplace education by implementing initiatives that include reviewing and updating policies so they are reflective of modern human rights and safety requirements, deploying leader and employee cannabis and impairment education with equal emphasis and examining organizational processes.

“When people are respected and valued at work their productivity and loyalty increases and they are often compelled to speak about it with authenticity. I’m incredibly excited to partner with the Marigold PR team. I’m honoured to take part in the team’s growth,” says Gratton of this exciting, new alliance.

With this partnership, Marigold can address potential issues of  harassment and implement a host of other robust workplace policies and practices that include clarification of the roles, rights and accountabilities of its team members, tracking compliance issues and mentoring and coaching on sensitive and complex issues among other HR best practices.