The number of influencers is increasing, as is their power and relevance in the world of marketing and PR. We have discussed in the past the value of influencer events and their ability to promote brands.

As an influencer, a media kit is a tool that will help you stand out from the crowd. It’s benefits include: highlighting your skills, niche and influence, reflecting your value to your audience and/or community, and providing relevant information brands and agencies are looking for when they’re interested in partnering with you.

Think of a media kit as a kind of funky resume – it’s all about your personal brand and should reflect just that. In this case, it’s okay to get creative – save the Word doc for something else. In terms of what to draw attention to in a media kit, we’ve rounded up what we at Marigold know brands and agencies are looking for.

Here is what to include in a professional media kit:

  • A short bio about you and what you do – be sure to write this in your voice so your personality shines through
  • Information about your audience, including stats (this could include average age, gender, income level, interests, and other relevant information). Be sure to include infographics or charts so your potential clients can easily get a snapshot of who you influence
  • Blog/ website/ social media impressions (how many people visit your blog, how many followers you have on various platforms, your average number of Likes and Shares per post)
  • Website and social media handles (with links)
  • Contact information
  • Awards or accomplishments
  • Brands you have worked with (include logos for recognizable brands)
  • Client testimonials (include quotes, names, and photos or links to videos if possible)
  • What you can offer brands and what distinguishes you from other influencers
  • Key partnership opportunities and rates per opportunity

Once you have created one, you can re-use it infinite times and will have something to adjust for specific targeted markets. A media kit is really your friend (and a good one at that). It will help you stand out from the crowd and look oh-so-professional, help you to promote your personal brand, and ultimately, generate business for you.

But here’s an important piece of advice: be sure to actually use it! Create an accessible link to it on your website, blog, and LinkedIn profile, attach it with correspondence when pitching brands or as they approach you, and bring hard copies with you to networking events. It’s an easy recipe for success – and one Marigold can help with.

Contact us today with any inquiries about Media Kits or building your personal brand. We’d be happy to work with you!