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Established in 2014, Oakville Festivals of Film & Art (OFFA) is a truly community-oriented festival, focused on bringing the best features, documentaries, and short films to cinephiles in southern Ontario. Since its inception, OFFA has attracted more than 8,000 attendees and presented more than 70 films including various Canadian and Eastern Canadian premieres.

Bringing Global Art to the Local Community
OFFA approached Marigold to help them with public relations support for their 2018 program. In its fifth year, the festival featured 18 feature films and documentaries, 35 short films and two Gala presentations screening at two locations — and the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. The 2018 festival featured a prestigious line-up of films from Hollywood including Shock and Awe (starring Woody Harrelson, James Marsden, Jessica Biel and Tommy Lee Jones) by acclaimed director Rob Reiner of When Harry Met Sally and A Few Good Men fame.

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Spreading the Word
The OFFA Board curated an amazing group of films, documentaries and shorts for the festival, to help promote this line up Marigold was tasked with driving ticket sales and engagement through PR initiatives, as well as raising the profile of OFFA within the core Oakville area. Additionally Marigold engaged media to cover pre and post OFFA stories to drive ticket sales and create excitement for the festival with cinegoers and sponsors throughout Oakville.

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OFFA’s Media Coverage Increased by 862.6%
Through Marigold’s PR initiatives OFFA received 15 Pieces of local, targeted coverage with 1.42M online readership, 179.2K social reach and 4137 social engagements, which was an 862.6% increase from 2017.

OFFA Highlights
Highlights from OFFA include two sold-out premieres and a very successful and interactive live Q&A with Hollywood director, Rob Reiner, live interviews with CHCH, Inside Halton and Oakville News and local influencers live tweeted from events as part of Marigold’s social engagement plan.