The cannabis industry is dominated by a few big businesses, which control over 95% of the market. In this oligopoly smaller growers have struggled to gain a foothold, despite often producing superior cannabis. By focussing on small batches, craft growers can devote greater care and attention to individual plants, to enhance their yield and quality. 

In appreciation of this, multinational corporations are now also restructuring to concentrate on small batch production. With greater resources at their disposal, there’s a concern they could undercut small growers and outflank them in retail channels. This would squeeze Canada’s craft cultivators out of the regulated market, at significant detriment to the breadth of medicinal cannabis available.

supporting growers and protecting patients with patient choice

An equitable ecosystem
To support small growers and promote the accessibility of exceptional cannabis, Patient Choice has developed a new equitable medical ecosystem. With a commitment to vendor neutrality each product receives the same exposure, which creates a level playing field for suppliers and empowers patients to make fair purchasing decisions. The products available include cannabis oils, flower and edibles, plus high quality seeds and clones so patients can grow plants at home and make their own medicine of choice.

Items are delivered directly from cultivators to consumers, to avoid supply chain delays and ensure patients receive the freshest product possible. The arrangement also reduces administration for small growers, who can instead hone in on what they do best – producing outstanding cannabis. By not holding its own inventory Patient Choice can provide the producer’s full range of medicinal products, without being restricted by storage limitations. This provides patients the convenience of accessing a comprehensive portfolio of superior cannabis products in one place, and at the best price. As every patient is unique, with diverse conditions and stages of treatment, the ability to provide medical patients with the widest possible choice of medication is of paramount importance.

supporting growers and protecting patients with patient choice

Retail redefined
By constantly onboarding suppliers that share its commitment to redefine how patients receive medical cannabis, Patient Choice is continuously strengthening its market proposition and the convenience it affords consumers. Producers, processors and nurseries eager to join the platform and benefit from the innovative retail channel can register their interest here

By compiling a host of rigorously tested medicinal cannabis products in one place, consumers no longer need to scour a myriad of sites to satisfy their needs. A one stop shop, Patient Choice simplifies the selection process by grouping products by format, cannabinoid profiles and even growing methods, with a special designation for cannabis grown organically. 

Applying to access the platform as a patient is just as simple, with an easy to follow registration page and dedicated support team. The functionality of the Patient Choice platform is underpinned by an industry-leading customer service,  which guides new users through the platform so patients find the medicine they need faster. For more information on Patient Choice, please visit the website: