With more cannabis retailers in Canada than ever before it’s not easy to stand out! With innovative designs, expert staff and unique offerings here are a few excellent retailers that we think are worth keeping an eye on.

canvas cannabis logo

It’s important to the people at Canvas Cannabis that their customers feel comfortable and at ease. This female-owned and operated boutique Cannabis store offers a wide selection of cannabis products and thoughtfully curated accessories in a warm, elegant space. Canvas aims to create a fresh, uniquely sophisticated environment by bringing the essence of nature to the fore through the use of muted earth tones, and light wood hues. There are already three store locations for curious people to shop carefully selected products: at Danforth, Mount Dennis and Liberty Village. For customers who can’t make it in-store, Canvas also conveniently offers free same-day delivery for limited hours. Canvas stands out in no small part to its diverse menu of products, relaxed, leisurely and relatable space and accommodating, knowledgeable team.

green apple cannabis logo

Green Apple Cannabis
The hardworking team at Green Apple Cannabis are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with their local Thornton community. With a deep dedication to their community and customers, Green Apple ensures that each person who comes through their doors feels comfortable and warmly welcomed, whether they are a cannabis newbie or seasoned enthusiast. Patrons are able to engage in pressure-free conversations with a proficient team who is ready to show off the store’s complete line of quality products and accessories. This female-owned and operated retailer was the first cannabis store to open in Thornton, Ontario and has received big support from this small town located minutes away from Barrie. Green Apple is entrenched in local history, their building is over 100 years old and has housed many local businesses over the years. Green Apple’s down-to-earth, nature-focused shopping experience stays true to the grounded spirit of its community – so much so that Fall 2021 is bringing with it a brand new storefront in Burks’ Falls.   

prairie records logo

Prairie Records
Prairie Records offers a truly unique purchasing experience. Founded on the concept that cannabis and creativity are inextricably linked, this retailer designs the customer purchasing experience to utilise tactile in-store features and product offerings that celebrate the relationship between cannabis and music. Inspired by the aesthetic of record stores, Prairie Records encourages customers to get lost in new methods of deep, creative self-expression and seeks to facilitate that expression by bringing the same sense of discovery to the cannabis retail environment. The store set out to create an immersive experience and stand out among more traditional competitors, and has since expanded to six store locations across Edmonton, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Customers are encouraged to think about their cannabis the way they would consider creating a playlist and that philosophy coupled with the relaxed store-wide atmosphere makes it clear that at Prairie Records, following “vibes” and setting intentions are important. 


superette logo

Superette’s Sip N’ Smoke
Award-winning retailer Superette combatted the end-of-summer blues by launching Sip N’ Smoke – a grab and go express concept that takes “boutique” retail to another level. Superette’s Sip N’ Smoke is a 690 sq. ft. kiosk situated near Trinity-Bellwoods Park that serves up pre-rolls and infused cannabis drinks to eager customers. Sip N’ Smoke features all the aesthetic stylings of Superette’s retail environments; colourful palettes and nostalgic old-school checkerboard tile floor that give a particularly 90’s convenience store feel. Bellwoods Sip N’ Smoke is the first dispensary to have a purposefully narrow product focus, selling only a curated selection of pre-rolls and beverages. Sip N’ Smoke does not have a menu in keeping with the convenience store concept but also invoking a cafeteria-style feeling. Customers don’t use a shopping cart. Instead, they grab a tray and head down the line, guided by an experienced budtender. Along with the cannabis-focused products, Sip N’ Smoke customers can also purchase other park-ready lifestyle items such as portable speakers, blankets, bottle openers, and bags from Superette’s cult-favourite product line. By incorporating hyperlocal elements and building connections with their community, Superette’s has stood out in an increasingly crowded market since its inception, and continues to today. 

daikoku logo

daikoku is a spacious, independent cannabis boutique in South Edmonton, dedicated to keeping cannabis light, fun and educational. The folks at daikoku are motivated by a passion to challenge the misconceptions around cannabis which continue to persist. daikoku goes above and beyond to provide their customers with information and research on terpenes, spotlights on local Alberta Growers, and more. Whether you’re a canna-newbie or a connoisseur, you’ll feel right at home in this indie spot which is very much a favourite among locals and offers “the best weed the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission has to offer”. If that all of that wasn’t endearing enough, daikoku is also community-focused. So community-focused in fact, that they have a dedicated semi-private community space that they make available for events to the public. 


These retailers are excellent examples of unique and inspirational ways to educate, engage with customers and fulfil their dynamic needs. They go above and beyond to provide educated cannabis consumption in creative and thoughtful ways that speak to close community and new consumers alike. 

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