Using social media to promote your product or brand? Good! But not great, if you’re making one of these common mistakes. Avoid these social media mistakes brands make.

Yes, hashtags are an excellent way to increase your visibility, start conversations, and track campaigns. But #a #post #filled #with #nothing #but #hashtags can make you look inexperienced and desperate for views. Plus it’s redundant and irritates your followers. Keep it to one branded hashtag and just a few topical ones for best results.

Online and Offline Brand Disconnect
If the right hand (or marketing arm) doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, there’s a problem. Imagine a TV ad goes out announcing a big sale – but there’s no info on social media about it. It confuses your customers and might turn them off completely. Have regular meetings to ensure no one is working in a vacuum, and keep your campaigns consistent on- and offline.

Slow or No Response
It’s great to put your content out there, but your followers are also looking to engage with you – and if they ask a question, they expect a prompt answer. No response, or a response that’s so late it’s no longer helpful will frustrate your customers and dehumanize your brand. Take 10 minutes a day to make a personal connection and acknowledge any recent inquiries.

Uniform Strategy Across Platforms
Gone are the ‘set it and forget it’ days of early social media scheduling. What works on Facebook won’t necessarily work on Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram. Plus, if people follow you on more than one network, they’ll be annoyed seeing the exact same thing three, four, or five times in an hour. Tailor your posts to each platform – and take time to consider where to devote your resources. You may find a certain social media tool isn’t driving your business and it’s best to focus elsewhere.

Ignoring Analytics
Many social media platforms offer pretty sophisticated native analytics – take Facebook, for example. By focusing on posting but not tracking what’s working, you’re essentially ignoring what your customers are telling you, and who they are. Have a weekly check-in with your team and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Which of these social faux pas are you guilty of?