It’s an imperative time to be sensitive and nimble with your social media content and output. 

Are you responsible for social media during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are 3 considerations. 

Give to Your Community 

Of course, your social media plans will change and evolve throughout a crisis, but what does not change in business is demonstrating that your community is your priority. Ask yourself, what does your community need from you right now? Create content that appeals to what your consumers need and what’s on brand/on message for your brand. 

Are you rooted in comedy, create more content to make people laugh. Are you an expert in your field? Produce an informative webinar, host a live story or a live question and answer period, private message your key community members to check-in, try out TikTok. The options are endless. 

During this time of uncertainty people are looking for a sense of community, focusing on engaging with your social media audience let’s them know that you’re invested in them and their wellbeing. This is also the perfect opportunity for giveaways. Everyone loves a giveaway and during a time when many people are feeling isolated and uneasy a giveaway is a simple way to lighten spirits and continue to drive brand engagement.

Forget automation

Now is not the time to “set it and forget it.” Have a plan in place around how and when you want to use social media to communicate. Given the heightened sensitivity and ever-breaking news, it’s not a good idea to schedule out too far in advance. If you already have content scheduled out take time to review it each morning to ensure it’s still relevant and on message. This also goes for any digital ad campaigns you have scheduled.

Diverging from your social media schedule and creating custom content not only gives back to your community but also positions your company as considerate and mindful during this troubled time. Canva has even created an assortment of COVID-19 templates to help share vital information and helpful tips to keep everyone informed and safe.

Time to Go Live

If there’s ever a time to leverage going live, the time is now. Many people around the world have more downtime than ever due to practicing social distancing and staying at home, they’re isolated and looking for distractions. Going live on social media is a great way to ensure your audiences still feel connected and engaged, and helps you build authentic relationships with your online community. You may even see an influx of followers as people spend more time engaging with social media.

With the rise of live options from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, going live maximizes your potential audience reach and provides your stakeholders with reassurance in a time when it’s needed most. Take the NBA for example, who is leveraging their massive online reach to connect with their followers by having one player sit down for a live interview with fans every weekday on Instagram. If you’re considering going live, be sure to read our blog on critical dos and don’ts for success on your live campaign. 


If you need support to reframe your marketing, social media and PR plan, please reach out to the Marigold team. We would be happy to jump on a free introductory call to discuss your goals and objectives. 

We’re all in this together.