Sustainability is a major concern in the cannabis industry, with as much as 5,000kg of CO2 produced for a single kilogram of dried flower. Consumers crave brands that align with their personal values, and this increasingly extends to eco-friendly cannabis products. While some have reduced their carbon footprint as an exercise in corporate social responsibility, others have gone above and beyond, embodying environmentalism through authentic, innovative and impactful campaigns and initiatives.

aqualitas logo

Aqualitas received Canada’s first Clean Green Certification, in recognition of its commitment to organic and sustainable cultivation methods. Leveraging living soil techniques and a proprietary aquaponics system, the cultivator uses nutrient-rich water from fish tanks to enrich growing mediums without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Ecological design elements reduce the company’s energy and water consumption by 50% and 80% respectively, producing the macro and micro-nutrients cannabis need without environmental damage.

Eco four twenty logo

Eco Four Twenty
Eco Four Twenty is committed to making environmentally-friendly products, with its award-winning Personal Air Filter achieving critical acclaim across the cannabis industry. The patented design enables users to trap and eliminate odours, by simply exhaling into the device. In addition to facilitating discreet cannabis consumption, the easy to replace filters reduce plastic waste up to 80% through their efficiency and lightweight. For Black Friday 2019, Eco Four Twenty pledged all profits to the Arbor Day Foundation, the world’s largest tree-planting charity in the world. The company kicked off the fundraiser with  a $420 donation, to plant 420 trees and continues to donate to environmental causes for select sales and holidays.

earth kisses sky

Earth Kisses Sky
Earth Kisses Sky, a leader in plant-based health and wellness formulations, recently announced the launch of its highly anticipated cannabis topical SHINE. SHINE has been developed to soothe skin, with an olive oil and beeswax base, and benefits from botanicals famed for their antibacterial properties. With a commitment to create effective and ethically responsible wellness products, Earth Kisses Sky’s topicals are made only with natural ingredients and sustainably packaged in glass jars that can be reused to store cannabis or even as a succulent planter.
habitat logo

A micro-cultivator focused on regenerative agriculture and environmental stewardship, Habitat combines cannabis and salmon farming in a unified aquaponics system. The company leverages natural microbes and biotechnology to convert waste into fertilizer, which is then supplied to plants for nutrition. By capturing the clean water that transpires from the cannabis crop, Habitat is able to reuse over 99% of water in its ecosystem, drastically reducing the grower’s impact on the land.

mood ring logo

Mood Ring
Mood Ring, a Neptune Wellness brand for the adult-use cannabis market, injects decades of health and wellness experience into the regulated industry.  The company is on a mission to change consumption behaviour through innovative and environmentally friendly products, with a CBD line that benefits from a patented cold extraction process and requires significantly less energy than CO2 extraction. Mood Ring’s celebrated Legacy Hashish is also produced with water, instead of solvents, to further reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

superette logo

Superette, the seminal cannabis retailer and lifestyle brand, has been at the forefront of industry sustainability since its inception. In addition to promoting cannabis producers with environmentally sound cultivation and processing practices, Superette hit the headlines last year for its campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastics. It committed to match each unit of cannabis packaging returned to its Ottawa store with a donation to the Ottawa Food Bank, supporting environmental efforts and the local community in the process.

Despite a greater push to reduce carbon emissions, oil consumption has reached record highs in recent years. To protect the planet for future generations, we need to adopt sustainable solutions today for a better tomorrow.  Looking to develop your own environmentally friendly eye-catching campaign? Book an introductory call today to discuss how Marigold PR can help you achieve your business objectives.