When society thinks about cannabis consumers, people sometimes gets the misguided idea that we’re all slacker stoners sans jobs or hardcore users whose job IS marijuana activism.

But we know that consumers come from every walk of life – take CannabisComs for example!

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite outside-the-(hot)box brands that will have you rethinking the stereotyped ‘stoner’ lifestyle.

These companies offer an elevated experience for the cannabis connoisseur, high hostess, professional pothead, and everybody in between.

Who they are: Calgary-based Retreatibles is shaking up the edibles industry by offering healthy, pre-packaged brownie and square mixes designed to be used with cannabis oil.

Why we love them: All of Retreatibles mixes are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO. Handcrafted by celebrity Chef John MacNeil, these aren’t your average edibles. Baking them yourself means you control the amount of cannabis – which is a good thing, because with flavours like Rosemary Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Oat and Double Chocolate Midnight, you might want more than one.

Sweet Flag
Who They Are: A cannabis-centric e-commerce site with a feminine flair.

Why We Love Them:
From Sweetflag’s ‘About’ section: ‘Sweetflag is an online retailer for inspiring and restorative home goods, accessories, and smoking accoutrements with a distinctly feminine ethos.’ In other words, they clearly get not all cannabis users are high school skater boys who want ska band stickers and weed leaves on everything (though, no judgments if you do!)

Their pretty products, aptly sorted into ‘Before, During, and After’, serve all your needs throughout your cannabis consumption process.

From perfectly sized stash pots to cool-looking pipes and everything in between, Sweet Flag has the classy cannabis consumer covered.

We’ve never tried colour therapy glasses – but now we want to experience the rainbow. And seriously, these necklaces! Who knew a roach clip could be chic? These guys!

Tweed Main Street
Who They Are: Tweed Main Street is your one stop pot shop for licensed products from trusted Canadian cannabis companies.

Why We Love Them: If you have a medical license, it’s likely you have specific needs. Tweed’s vendors are all of that and more. Plus, they’re so open about their service standards – today they’re reporting 48-hour approval timing, 99% of orders processed same-day, and a 4-minute average call wait time. Sounds pretty good to us!

P.S. A big salute to Tweed for working directly with Veteran’s Affairs Canada to ensure benefit coverage.

The Her(b) Life
Who They Are: The Her(b) Life is a company for women who are in the cannabis industry – or just happen to love weed.

Why we love them: Their spotlight series highlights awesome cannabis companies, users, activists and all-around cool people, who happen to be women.

It’s nice to see some other female-focused companies out there.

Rolling Picks
Who They Are: Rolling Picks are so perfectly simple – perfectly pretty little packing tools for perfectly evenly packed joints.

Why We Love Them: Rolling Picks have come a long way from their ‘ugly’ first iteration – their words, not ours. Pretty patterns make them look more like candy canes than cannabis accessories. At less than $10 a pick you’ll have plenty leftover to spend on…more papers. Because you’re going to get obsessed with rolling with these things (trust!)

Have any cannabis companies you love? Comment below! Bonus points if they’re Canadian.