Every year, the search for the perfect gift can take forever. Scouring high and low to find exactly what’s on everyone’s wishlist, and it never gets easier. This year, why not help to lead consumers to the best gifts for the cannabis consumers and connoisseurs on their list and increase your Q4 sales? Here are the top three ways that gift guides help cannabis brands. 


  1. Build awareness through a trusted source.

To those both familiar and unfamiliar with the cannabis space, the thought of purchasing cannabis goods as a gift can be daunting – a gift guide alleviates pressure by giving consumers options from a trusted source. With outlets running gift guides such as; Leafly, NOW Magazine, Chatelaine, Rolling Stone, and more, consumers can feel comfortable leaning on familiar names to provide valuable insight towards their options, and where to find them.


  1. Drive targeted sales as a result of new traffic.

A gift guide puts your product in line with the consumer, and those looking to appeal to consumers. Through a gift guide, you are able to accommodate your KPIs and sales targets more efficiently, and see growth in sales not only for the featured product but often an increase in sales towards related items. Through inclusion in Holiday gift guides, Marigold clients have seen a 50% increase in revenue for Q4.  The intrigue of one product, spirals into a deeper look at your products and services, thus driving impulse and additional sales of products to pair with what they have been attracted to as a result of gift guide involvement. 

Gift Guide Testimonials

  1. Plant the seed for future engagement.

To some, your name may be familiar, a tried and true staple in a consumer or retailer’s collection. To others, you become a new face, providing an exciting new opportunity for cannabis consumption. Gift guide features drive new traffic to your site and socials, as well as increasing in-store sales through new familiarity. While the obvious consumer benefits are there, the professional relationships formed can aid in future engagement for brands and retailers. In 2020, Marigold completed a gift guide pitching campaign with Eco Four Twenty, and the results lead to further opportunities in the following months. “I had an amazing experience with Marigold! The team was very responsive and helped to get our company on the map,” says Michael Ghazal, CEO of Eco Four Twenty. ”They are hardworking and helped make us a lot of connections that we still use months later. They successfully got us into a lot of great high-quality articles and gift guides.” Marigold clients have seen inclusion in Holiday, Valentine’s and other various gift guides which increase their KPIs and company growth.


Want to make it onto Marigold’s nice list? We’re now accepting clients for our 2021 Holiday gift guide pitching campaign. For more information, book an introductory call or reach out to Danielle@marigoldpr.com. We would be happy to discuss your Holiday goals and how we can support through gift guide inclusion. Spaces are limited and pitching begins in October.