Growers, entrepreneurs, budtenders, advocates, journalists, policy reformers, the list goes on; womxn play a key role in the success of the global cannabis industry, but it isn’t always easy to break into the market and rise to the top. Marigold PR asked for leadership insights from five trailblazing womxn dominating the cannabis market during the Womxn and Leadership Panel at the Womxn, Wellness, and Cannabis Conference (WWC Conference). Here’s some of the advice they shared with us.

rosy mondin ceo world class extracts headshot

Rosy Mondin; CEO, World Class Extractions
Stand up for yourself. Men have no problems patting themselves on the back. If you don’t pat yourself on the back too, they won’t acknowledge your ideas. Advocate for your work, your suggestions and make sure that the credit goes to you. 

Alison Gordon founder 48 north headshot

Alison Gordon; Founder, 48North Cannabis Corp
There are many journeys to leadership. I come from a non-traditional background as a cannabis entrepreneur. I came into the industry in a different way as a womxn. That is, I am different and I’m going to stand out. I used my personal brand in this industry to build my own following and to build 48North. I think there are a lot of ways to go into this industry without tempering who we are as womxn.

marcie kiziak president nova cannabis headshot

Marcie Kiziak; President, Nova Cannabis
Develop a strong womxn network. As leaders, mentoring other womxn is critical. It’s important we share our knowledge, we help other womxn out and support junior womxn. This is where I believe the real shift should be. 

Bridget Hoffer co founder marigold pr headshot

Bridget Hoffer; Co-Founder, Marigold PR
Own your voice. Understand your brand. In terms of your personal brand, be clear on what you stand for and what your team and people around you are going to define. What you stand for allows you to have a value match with your team, it enhances the products you create and sell, and it also creates an emotional connection with you as a leader and I think that’s very important. 

lisa harun chief marketing officer vapium headshot

Lisa Harun; Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Vapium
Stop Apologizing. Most of my jobs have been centred around males. I’ve learned that we need to stop apologizing for getting upset, or getting angry, or advocating for what is right. When you get a seat at the table, make your voice heard, calm, and distinct.

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