Mood Ring Launches Virtually in BC & Ontario


To launch a new product and garner media and Retailer attention during COVID-19 Pandemic


Develop scalable, COVID-19 friendly launch event & media engagement plan


Executed two successful launch events and achieved 595 million impressions


In Fall 2020 Neptune Wellness Solutions launched their first in-house cannabis brand Mood Ring, made in their world class facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Marigold was tasked with developing and executing two launch events for the BC and Ontario markets and garnering media attention during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Constantly changing restrictions, safety considerations and COVID-19 dominated media coverage meant a nimble plan was needed that would generate buzz for this new brand while being adaptable to keep everyone safe.


Marigold PR established that the best possible solution to generate buzz, ensure the safety of others, and follow Covid-19 restrictions and protocol from the Government of Canada was to launch the events virtually. Building off the Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. press releases announcing the BC and Ontario launches, Marigold PR deployed targeted media relations in each market and sent custom invitations with classic, colour-changing Mood Rings to journalists and influencers in the Cannabis, sustainability and lifestyle fields in Canada to attend the media launch event.

The launch events were developed with media and retailers in mind, providing a behind the scenes look at the Neptune production facility and exclusive access to senior leadership including CEO; Michael Cammarata, Sales Director; Greg Herle, Chief Financial and Global Operating Officer Dr. Toni Rinow, and Cannabis Sommelier and Formulation Specialist; Jose Dominguez.


Marigold PR secured 595 million impressions in Ontario & BC on behalf of Mood Ring & Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. They were recognized in Cannabis Prospect Magazine and Toronto Business Daily and the Mood Ring launch was also highlighted in Yahoo Finance, Bezinga, and Canadian Insider. Additionally, Neptune was featured on Radio Canada (Radio), EstriePlus, and La Tribune(Print, Web) and several positive reviews were garnered including ones from and Weed Mama. Plus 54 media, influencers, retailers and cannabis industry professionals registered to attend each virtual event. 

With initial Mood Ring products selling out in BC within 4 days of launching Marigold PR was successful in generating buzz for this new cannabis brand.

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