Spotlight on female industry experts at Cannabis Expo series in Calgary


Generate brand awareness, interest and attendance for the Cannabis Expo.


Increase the brand presence and profile of the Cannabis Expo Calgary through effective public relations tactics and strategic partnerships.


Marigold contributed to a stellar event attendance of 2-3k through media relations and social media. The social campaign garnered an astounding 96.7K social impressions, 3500 social engagements and 605 link clicks during the four-week campaign.


The Canadian cannabis industry is still navigating the post-legalization landscape and in this scenario, events like the Cannabis Expo series- where top industry experts and leaders share their knowledge and discuss the latest developments and innovations in the industry- are the need of the hour. A networking opportunity for attendees, Cannabis Expo wanted support to raise awareness about their incredible event and to host a women and cannabis-focused panel. 


Marigold supported the Cannabis Expo Calgary by pitching to media garnering interviews with their team and chosen exhibitors/partners, supporting with live on-site engagement and bolster their already amazing B2B and B2C expo. 

Marigold also teamed up with their own accessories brand, Canndora to help host a women and cannabis panel inviting female experts in the industry to help educate the show audience. Panelists included, Marcie Kiziak – Alcanna. Kieley Beaudry – Parkland Flower, Zoe Patko – Zenabis and Stephanie Ostrander, Keystone Labs.

Executed in collaboration with the producers of the show, the Women in Cannabis panels comprising of cannabis experts especially sought to educate women entering or interested in entering the cannabis industry. 


Throughout each show in different Canadian provinces, the events garnered foot traffic of approximately 2-3K during the 2-3 day expo. Marigold contributed to the stellar attendance by building an exhaustive media list and pitching to targeted local media. The social campaign for the events was a hit with an astounding 96.7K social impressions, 3500 social engagements and 605 link clicks during the four-week campaign!